About Us

Welcome to Tecpute! We are a UK-based company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction & providing the best possible experience when shopping for a refurbished Mac. Our team carefully selects each Mac that we stock to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality. We also take the time to thoroughly check each Mac for any potential issues or problems, so you can feel confident in your purchase & not have to worry about any hidden surprises. We believe that providing our customers with the highest quality Macs & a hassle-free shopping experience is our top priority.

In addition to our selection of used Macs, we also offer a made-to-order service for iMacs. This allows our customers to customise their Macs to meet their specific needs & budget, giving them the exact Mac they need. Our team of experienced technicians are also able to repair & upgrade Macs to help extend their lifespan & increase their performance.

Since 2017, we have been selling on eBay & have recently launched our website in 2022 to expand our reach & better serve our customers. Our goal is to be the go-to destination for customers looking for quality used Macs & a hassle-free shopping experience.

At Tecpute, we are also deeply committed to sustainability & we are making it a part of our mission. We believe in reducing electronic waste through the responsible disposal & repurposing of electronics. By selling refurbished Macs, we are giving these devices a second life, reducing the amount of waste in landfills & decreasing the environmental impact of manufacturing new electronics. Additionally, we have implemented processes to ensure that any devices that cannot be refurbished are responsibly recycled. By repairing & upgrading Macs, we extend their lifespan & reduce the need for new devices, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing new electronics. We are dedicated to being a part of the solution to electronic waste & making it a core part of our business.

Thank you for choosing us & we look forward to helping you find the perfect Mac for your needs & budget while also making a positive impact on the environment.